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Your Shower's Dimensions: Never try to install a new set of doors without first measuring your shower. If the door you try to install is too large, too small or doesn't fit the shower's shape, you could end up damaging your wall. Instead, let our measurement experts evaluate your shower.

Your Wall's Composition: Shower doors vary in weight and the more resilient your wall, the heavier your door can be. If your wall is made of sturdy materials, it can handle mostLong Island Shower Door Installer types of shower doors. Weaker materials, on the other hand, are only suited to carry light enclosures.

Your Bathroom's Airflow: Although glass shower doors are generally easy to keep clean, they do trap humid air, which leads to the accumulation of bacteria and mold. Not only is this a health hazard, but it can also cause the paint on your walls and ceiling to peel. Never install a shower door without first ensuring that your bathroom is properly ventilated.

Your Shower's Nozzle: Make sure that the door you install isn't directly in the path of your shower nozzle; if it is, you could end up flooding your bathroom.

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